Monday, December 21, 2009

Love - Poem by ma lil sissy!

POEM BY MY SWEET LITTLE SISTER! ! More talents in small age;)

Love is love;
and ur my dove,
u came my way,
pls dont go away,
u a kind hearted guy,
but dont say good bye!!
ur so romantic,
we go to midatlantic,
u plead on ur knee,
wy dont we flee?
im a peice of clay,
u mould me today!!
if i sleep,
u start to weep,
wondering why?
to see eye to eye,
i know abt you,
ur one among a few!
ur mind is designed,
to be confined,
ur sorrows came aback,
u give it a whack;
i want to pen more,
but yet to explore!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Orange sun, moist less cool breeze;
I heard Tabla's beautiful pitch!
I was hauled out. Rather i was scurried to lawn.

Mist drops on every rose;
I easily figured out that, they are trying to imitate my girl's lips.
Detached few roses from its stem and i was holding one.

Desire to lick it, and i did it with ease;
Shouldn't I tell you that it was not so tasty as her's?
Gradually i started eating rose feathers and I finished it in core fun.

My mind said with heavy knock, " UR A CANNIBAL VIJAY. Ate a rose?"
" Couldn't see a rose as a rose. Its just a clone of my GIRL " .

I cant compare a rose with my girl when they are imitating her. I can only compare roses with my girl !! Feel the difference!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Roads are clean. Shutters are on. Every bus stood frozen.

Tasmacs Open.
TN Govt.'s ******* excellence.

Will these aggressiveness drive Srilankan tamilians to peace?
Will these clean their blood strains?

May god bless them.
Pray for them my lovable blog friends! Need ur hands!

- Vijay

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My girl

She was in love with Me. Very badly. I had no other go, so I accepted. We mesmerized our self and felt the love’s essence to the core.

It was a fine noon. We planned to go for a drive in my car. We went in to deserted streets, greeny ways, and lovely areas. We both discussed a lot and we added, “I NEED TO TELL YOU ONE THING AT THIS TIME” to each other. I was surprised what she gonna tell. She wrote something in a piece of paper and pressed it in my hand. And now she wanted me to tell what I wished to. I pronounced, “I can’t be wid u sweetie. It’s time for me to leave you. Reason is my future, my home. Hope u’ll understand”, kissed her forehead wid tears. I was haggling her character for a while.

I was in hospital. I had no idea about how I went there. I came to know that we met with an accident, cuz of a lorry driver’s fault. I really couldn’t digest my sight. She was lying breathless, totally breathless, next bed. I know I loved her a lot. “God, why u did this 2 her??”. I saw my hands closed with the piece of paper, “Dear, I’ll die if u leave me!! Love u jaanu!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Life, Torture which will fetch u happiness, brightness.

Change in,

Lies, ride, drizzles, possessiveness.

Freedom, not exactly though.

Happy moments. Happiest moments. (i don kno any othr degree after superlative.. lolz)
On a whole, no substituting word for Love...
Love. Experienced persons will say YES to that..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Concurrence 09

If you are in Chennai and if you are a college student, the place to be on 13th and 14th of March 2009 is R.K.M.Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai-600004.


Saturday, February 28, 2009


People. We would have met many people in many different characters. But we never spent time to think about their characters in depth. See these na.

A) "Am a person who 'll get more anger. you know. Am very angry now." A type.

B) "See i told everything to you very frankly. Know why? Only cuz am a frankly speaking person. I won't have anything in my heart. You too tell me your secrets" A type.

C) "Am not like how you are thinking or like others. Actually am very different". A type.

D) " I won't admire girls. I never described their rosy lips or hip's bend or structure or color or size, like others. I wanna behave decently" A type.

E) "I love music a lot. I cannot live without music. I don't know why ARR couldn get Telugu film fare award though got Academy award. If he works harder, he might get in future" A type.

F) "Time is very precious. No one should waste time in their life.We won't get those wasted minutes back. After all we are here to achieve our aims. Every one has their destiny. They should work for it. Its really stupid to waste tie in unwanted speeches. OK. Stop talking now and start with your works. Dont waste time." A type.

G) "I know more about this world than that fat guy. I think he is an illiterate, behaving very cheaply. How can he speak at my back??" A type.

Yes. People are many. We can see comical characters in every person. Especially in every serious person. Sure to get smile in our face when we think them in depth!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inverted stroy. Part - 2

The next day, I was at Palm park, under the same palm tree. But I could count four legs that time. Ana was there with me, engaged in same horny palm park's activity. I am no man from mars. Weeks passed. I feared my nightmares might turn true. She started freaking out with Doctor often. I was dumb seeing her with him. Couldn’t question her about her behavior. As i feared, Doctor took her to palm park, and she returned wet. Yes I mean.

Never joined my lid, that night. My eyes were spitting on my cheeks, thinking over her ill behavior. It was twelve noon when I got up the next day. Couldn’t move my hand, sprain I guess. “Wasn’t I sleeping?” I doubted.

I was disturbed mentally. I rushed to her room to warn her. Found her red and dead. She must be killed, by a man with a deranged mind. I wondered, seeing my shirt with bloodstains. Tried a lot to come out of my dream. Not a dream, i realized.
" Hey am no fucking insane"; " I wouldn't have tore her".
Her death was very similar to her mom's. " I hate her mom. but i know i didn't kill her".
Saw my (Dutch)knife next to my Ana. My nightmares were no more just nightmares.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inverted story - Part 1

No guy can die before getting cheated. "Ur blabberings are endless. What a stupid creation by god" my mate’s common punch. My mind state was too abnormal that day, in a Palm park, under a palm tree. Really in a drunken mood. I counted four legs under every single palm tree. But I resembled palm tree. No beast next to me, as palm hasn’t got branches. Heard heavy breathings and pain screams from every tree except mine. Smell of flirtatiousness everywhere. I was thirsty. Rather I call it as gory. Yes I mean.

Guys are insane from girl’s sight. I know it’s absurd. "I really love you" is the most stinking lie I ever heard, if my wife pronounce it. Yes. Ana was totally cheating me. She lost her mom at 17. She was murdered by a man with a deranged mind. She was the costliest product of night market. Ana inhabits her mom's character I feared. It was so weird. Covertly speaking female. I hate flirts. And she was one of them. I loved her a lot as my mind induced me to believe her. It was my innocence. Rather my fucking stupidity.

My doubts on Ana was increasing. The same day, I saw Ana blending with Doctor next home. I unwillingly drenched her with blood. My costly dutch knife turned red. "Sorry Ana, I lost ma control" . " Ure insaiinee" She met her end. She shouldn’t have followed her mom. My terrible Nightmare. She can't be bad, I predicted.. cont.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love Addict 2

It was December's second week. My school's Annual day. I was preparing myself to speak to her, with wit. I counterfeited many proposal's style. But nothing seemed impressive. I could see coven inside the campus. But she stood like a horny horse, different. I may not be a colt. But, no despair in me. Coiled hair ends in her shoulder's beginning, like a derris(climbing plant). Dark roads with bends often, resembled her hair. I doubted how Indian flag got Saffron color before seeing her lips.

She 'll be beau even when she is compared with a poem wrote by thousand poets. I remember the day (Love addict 1), when i saw her near coaching class, in a rainy day. "Aval koondalum megamdan. Avvatrilirundum mazai thuligal sottuginranave" (Even her hair was like cloud, rain's dews dipping from it). I saw her face in every drop of rain, which fell in between us. Its not her eyes, which resembles flowers. Only flowers are like her eyes.

I was waiting for the cusp of us. And i got that. " Have u ever saw me??" me, asked irrelevantly by forgetting all rehearsals. "No, are we studying in same school??", she moved her saffron lips gently, though she stared at me many times like evergreen scoldings. I stepped back with a foolish smile. She passed me with a heaven locking smile. I know she never detested me. Absolutely an obfuscated evening.

Happy though my practices went in vain. I heard, "we'll forget everything in front of our love".

Catch ya frnds in next day of love addict ...... love life, life s love......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Am, am, am good. argh.

Cat result. Guys with shivering hands. I was just kidding and giggling my CAT friends. Especially waiting for my friend, Raam's call. I wished he should get call from his dream college, Pune. As we are in final year of our college, 'll miss him after my college days. When the results are out, I was too too happy. Not that he scored his desire. Happy that he didn't. Yipppeeee. Cuz he got 82 and decided to continue his studies here in Chennai itself. Am sorry. I shouldn't be happy for my friend's sadness. But, really man. Am smiling. Eeeeeee... Though i prayed for your marks, god decided to keep you with me............

Mmmm.... guys.. Am not so mean na???