Friday, November 21, 2008


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Synonym of loneliness is well known to all. But the feel of loneliness is felt only by those who experience it. Not an ordinary feel to describe with ease: My day was empty that day, my pocket as well. Just three days left to see New year's first date. No green leaves next to my home. Only thorny plants.. I remember i engaged myself making muffin. Obviously, not a nosh. I was happy eating what i've made, pretending indeed. Waiting for my pals's call.

I managed to kill time till i get sun over my head. Went through the day's newspaper thrice. Clock will scold me if it can, saw time twice a minute. Started to recall my previous week. A compressed quarrel with my friend at school. The fault was neither mine nor from him.I will blame our inquisitiveness to get a girl. When i was about to conclude my mistake, i heard a knock continued by "post post". I wittingly opened the door. He looked handsome to my eyes for times. He enquired about a nearby address. I remember I managed my conversation with him for fifteen minutes atleast, about all unwanted things. Then he "tring"ed his bicycle which has dynamo fitted in its face. I heard 4'o clock train passing my town. Time for a hot strong coffee. But i've no idea about preparing it. So i went to terrace with my ball to skip an hour. But returned soon as I am single. I know am not interested in turning albums. But turned few pages for a while. Waiting for my pals's call.

It was seven to seven. Eager to see mom and dad. And finally heard seven "ding"s from my lovable wallclock. They came with smile in thier face and gifts in their hand. Yes its my Birthday. Just three days left to see New year's first date. Happy that i managed the day somehow. Waiting for my pals's call.

which part of life is better??

Which one is better?
Life before love
Life after love
Life without love

Not an abnormal question to be discussed, right? Common flashbacks of aged people who have experienced love. Am neither a supporter nor an offender of love. The word "love" reminds us about our lover's love, not our Mother's ir-replacable love or Father's limitless love.
Life before love is the smoothest part of one's life i suppose. My mind use to say proudly "love is a time sucking feel, and i don't have belief in that". Indeed not my heart.
I laughed at Shakespeare's lines.
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date".

I was just 16 passed. "The one who hate love will eat the fruit of love soon" is the quote i heard often. Immidiately "don't stare at me"; My rough voice. A question that screws me often for answer "Why should'nt i love a girl?". Not my mistake; default problem in teenage religion. Yes its a religion indeed.
Life with love will be the interesting part of one's life. Rather my life. You shall notice my soul dumbstruck, just by seeing her.Whenever i get a glance from my pretty girl, i hear "dude, ur the handsome boy of our gang " voice of my mind. Indeed not my heart. May be, i was not noticed even by her tall, crinked nose friend. Seeing her brightest face in dark evening equalised my stunning supper. Love is pupil of pupil's eye.

I was just 18 passed. Happy with friend's wishes and my love's gift. My girl's love was not sufficient when i understood her hangings. A need for my mom's hug again. Loneliness surronded me though i have pals in bunches. "Loneliness is a salvation", my mate's common quote. Fact indeed. Lost my piece of peace, failed in my studies. I feared she will eradicate me in 360. "Why should i love her?". Not my mistake again. I found a new religion. "End of teenage".
Life without love is an era. "Wounds of love will never fade" i heard. Not a true saying, when i analysed it. You will feel the heaven's smell at home once you are wounded. If iam ever questioned "where is your love then?" , i'll show.Not my love. A wallet.