Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My behaviors and my feels can’t be explained more than this! And my name is HE!
It was my Schooling's final year.

He, the one, who love her. His clown.
He never fed up enjoying her beauty even when he was home alone.
"Whenever he turns himself for a glance, she'll be seeing him, with shuttering eyes, slowly along with her nose crinkled - He virtually felt damn as if he is flying when she saw him;
Whenever he tuned a song in his mind, she'll shake her head as if she read his mind;

He absolutely felt as if it’s raining when he stood next to her!
------------------------------Rain. They do attain Mukthi!
------------------------------------Yes. That they'll turn as a pearl
------------------------------------------When they flow in middle of her spiritual chest!!

He wondered how her voice disguises sweetest chord in history when she called his name!
He never questioned clouds how she smiles hiding herself between them!

He use to laugh in single!

He said,
"My heart dup dups as if am being thrown from a mountain, when I see her crossing me, in a spring!
My heart obeyed my mom's words, only when she sends me out for a store which is near her residence!"

Stupid HE! Coward! Still haven’t expressed his desire to her, clown.
I bet he will, one day, YO!