Monday, December 21, 2009

Love - Poem by ma lil sissy!

POEM BY MY SWEET LITTLE SISTER! ! More talents in small age;)

Love is love;
and ur my dove,
u came my way,
pls dont go away,
u a kind hearted guy,
but dont say good bye!!
ur so romantic,
we go to midatlantic,
u plead on ur knee,
wy dont we flee?
im a peice of clay,
u mould me today!!
if i sleep,
u start to weep,
wondering why?
to see eye to eye,
i know abt you,
ur one among a few!
ur mind is designed,
to be confined,
ur sorrows came aback,
u give it a whack;
i want to pen more,
but yet to explore!