Thursday, August 13, 2009


Orange sun, moist less cool breeze;
I heard Tabla's beautiful pitch!
I was hauled out. Rather i was scurried to lawn.

Mist drops on every rose;
I easily figured out that, they are trying to imitate my girl's lips.
Detached few roses from its stem and i was holding one.

Desire to lick it, and i did it with ease;
Shouldn't I tell you that it was not so tasty as her's?
Gradually i started eating rose feathers and I finished it in core fun.

My mind said with heavy knock, " UR A CANNIBAL VIJAY. Ate a rose?"
" Couldn't see a rose as a rose. Its just a clone of my GIRL " .

I cant compare a rose with my girl when they are imitating her. I can only compare roses with my girl !! Feel the difference!