Thursday, April 23, 2009


Roads are clean. Shutters are on. Every bus stood frozen.

Tasmacs Open.
TN Govt.'s ******* excellence.

Will these aggressiveness drive Srilankan tamilians to peace?
Will these clean their blood strains?

May god bless them.
Pray for them my lovable blog friends! Need ur hands!

- Vijay

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My girl

She was in love with Me. Very badly. I had no other go, so I accepted. We mesmerized our self and felt the love’s essence to the core.

It was a fine noon. We planned to go for a drive in my car. We went in to deserted streets, greeny ways, and lovely areas. We both discussed a lot and we added, “I NEED TO TELL YOU ONE THING AT THIS TIME” to each other. I was surprised what she gonna tell. She wrote something in a piece of paper and pressed it in my hand. And now she wanted me to tell what I wished to. I pronounced, “I can’t be wid u sweetie. It’s time for me to leave you. Reason is my future, my home. Hope u’ll understand”, kissed her forehead wid tears. I was haggling her character for a while.

I was in hospital. I had no idea about how I went there. I came to know that we met with an accident, cuz of a lorry driver’s fault. I really couldn’t digest my sight. She was lying breathless, totally breathless, next bed. I know I loved her a lot. “God, why u did this 2 her??”. I saw my hands closed with the piece of paper, “Dear, I’ll die if u leave me!! Love u jaanu!!!