Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love Addict 2

It was December's second week. My school's Annual day. I was preparing myself to speak to her, with wit. I counterfeited many proposal's style. But nothing seemed impressive. I could see coven inside the campus. But she stood like a horny horse, different. I may not be a colt. But, no despair in me. Coiled hair ends in her shoulder's beginning, like a derris(climbing plant). Dark roads with bends often, resembled her hair. I doubted how Indian flag got Saffron color before seeing her lips.

She 'll be beau even when she is compared with a poem wrote by thousand poets. I remember the day (Love addict 1), when i saw her near coaching class, in a rainy day. "Aval koondalum megamdan. Avvatrilirundum mazai thuligal sottuginranave" (Even her hair was like cloud, rain's dews dipping from it). I saw her face in every drop of rain, which fell in between us. Its not her eyes, which resembles flowers. Only flowers are like her eyes.

I was waiting for the cusp of us. And i got that. " Have u ever saw me??" me, asked irrelevantly by forgetting all rehearsals. "No, are we studying in same school??", she moved her saffron lips gently, though she stared at me many times like evergreen scoldings. I stepped back with a foolish smile. She passed me with a heaven locking smile. I know she never detested me. Absolutely an obfuscated evening.

Happy though my practices went in vain. I heard, "we'll forget everything in front of our love".

Catch ya frnds in next day of love addict ...... love life, life s love......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Am, am, am good. argh.

Cat result. Guys with shivering hands. I was just kidding and giggling my CAT friends. Especially waiting for my friend, Raam's call. I wished he should get call from his dream college, Pune. As we are in final year of our college, 'll miss him after my college days. When the results are out, I was too too happy. Not that he scored his desire. Happy that he didn't. Yipppeeee. Cuz he got 82 and decided to continue his studies here in Chennai itself. Am sorry. I shouldn't be happy for my friend's sadness. But, really man. Am smiling. Eeeeeee... Though i prayed for your marks, god decided to keep you with me............

Mmmm.... guys.. Am not so mean na???