Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pals lols

Crowd. My street was very busy that day. I wondered how my street could pose like this. Heard many voices with kidding tone. No one answered my question about the rushtime. Was very eager to know, what made my street like that. Started my conversation with my neighbor to pull out the matter. Got shocked by hearing the news. Know what?? Aunt next home. Yup. A newly married lady, next home, got caught while having sex with her husband's friend. As soon as i heard this, I screamed "Who saw that and how??". "cha.. i missed seeing tat" my ugly inner voice. He proudly said, "my uncle only saw that". Couldn't control my laughter, proudness for seeing a shit.

Came to college with that hot news and spent my day. "Some one should have captured that with mobile", my mobile freak friend's youth eagerness. With that, topic changed to mobile phones. We were hotly discussing and giving suggestions to a friend, who decided to buy a mobile. Suddenly Mr. Shashank, my class's son of brain, "don't buy Universal dude. Buy Sony Ericson. It will be better in sounds". Thunder noises started, we laughed for 5 minutes continuously. Such a unforgettable dialogue, without knowing that Universal is not a mobile brand.

MAMA, need a song abt oooshu here..... okay!!!!

I compare him with my school mate, another son of brain. Once, Economics teacher started checking our class works. Every1 took their notes, by dusting it, from our class cupboard, and our son of brain used that shelf differently. I still remember the way we guys laughed by seeing him, hiding himself inside the cupboard and got caught to Eco. I still remember how my Economics teacher ran behind him to give him a strike. Damn hilarious day!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love Addict

Heavenly days of life. It was November's final friday. I saw my Angel, in a coaching center's entrance. Not a romantic place na?? . You are wrong. She changed that place to a crown of romance's superlative degree. The surrounding's mouth was running out of words to express, how it was filled with romance. An overwhelming desire to scream, to unpack my happiness. Heard thundering noises, which conveyed me that they are expressing my desire to scream. I felt cloud's happy-sheds on my shoulders. Yes. She ordered clouds to give some water to increase land's pulse.

Started raining very heavily. She stood under a tree, to escape rain, but not from my sight. Because we both were under the shelter of same tree. "My god" she sung(1st word i heard from her fluty voice). I mis-judged. She just exclaimed by seeing the rain. I too pronounced "My god, what a creation by you. You too might have tasted the love's feel to make her up without makeup, beautifully". I understood that I'll not die just as Mr.Lonely. Anyone can tell that I was happy to core, just by seeing my face at that moment. I felt a pain in my right wrist, which made me to realise that I've punched a tree, in my happiness(konjam overa poittano!!!).The She started walking, as soon as rain decreased itself to drizzle. Thanks to those tiny drops from heaven, she got wet totally. Looked like a Mermaid's structured statue, with her eyes on my eyes, walking in front of me. Yes. She gave me a glance with her glassy eyes. I spelled again,"m y g o d". I still wonder how I rode my cycle verrry slowly, behind my girl........................
Catch ya frnds in next day of love addict ...... love life, life s love....... take care...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We guys were almost ready to start our journey to ELAGIRI. And as usuall, a black pearl, which each gang will possess, by default, defended coming with us. Then somehow convinced him and we came out of my temple, I mean my home (native), and kicked our bikes. I didn’t, cuz mine is "self". Of course we bike lovers should specify about our bike when ever we get chance... Every one started to accelerate more, as it turned to an unannounced race. Drops oozed out of my eyes, which fell on ma pal's face, sitting behind me, made him to take look on sky "raining or what yaar, we have to make it soon".

We entered Elagiri, and got a snap of a dog licking its baby. Sign of seeing beauties of nature, as we are going to see more of that in Elagiri. Stopped our bikes and searched for a tea stall, as human mind needs hot thingies in cold climate. Saw a girl, hotter than the tea which we all were holding. At this point no need for me to tell “U” what we guys would have thought. Started from the tea stall by checking whether we took all the bags which contains costly things, or not. We trekked to hill top before sun getting off from us. My pal sitting behind was irritating me with his stupid speech. Got irritated more than a bowlers irritation on seeing Dravid's defense : )

Went to a small lake in that hilly area to get fresh. I was waiting for my blabbering pal to stand near the lake. Gladly pushed him off in to the lake as soon as he stood. It was blank at the moment I pushed him off. I took 2 mins to realize that I got pushed by my other friends, as soon as I did it to him: ( Came up with censored words and nictitating eyes, by hearing giggling noises. Roaring rather. Took lot of snaps for memories (I don kno y my frns temme tat am a photo freak).

Took a cottage to reside that night. We were very happy to open our bags. As I told before, we took our costly items out of our bags, Beers. What would have satisfied us more than our KF, that night?? With nibbles of dishes. A great night, with blabberings of my pal, who started off more after having just a half beer. A drowsy night. I don’t remember the number, went out many times to check whether our bikes are standing safely or not.

Got up with a call from my mom, "when you are returning back? U got permission by telling that u'll be home by 10 today". It was 12 when I got praisings from my mom. Kicked my pals to wake them up and vacated the room as soon as we can. Yes. With in 3 hours (so soon na??) : ) Rode faster than how we came. Came home soon and tried convincing my mom. But couldn’t…….. So now, writing this post to kill time. Don’t ask why I should kill time. I won’t tell “U” that my mom told me not to go out of home for a week............eeee........